Speeding Fine Calculator

“How can I calculate my speeding fine?”

“How many speeding points will I get on my licence?”

These are the two of the most common searches in relation to speeding. We have all the relevant information about what happens when you get a speeding ticket, whether you’ll have to go to court or how to calculate your speeding fine. We have all the relevant speeding information.

For most people the first thing is that they realise that they have been flashed by a camera or have been caught by a mobile camera, either in a camera van or operated by a police officer. The first question is “have I been caught speeding?”. The second question is “how much is a speeding fine?”. The third question is “what happens next?” If you were caught by a speed gun, then normally you will be stopped at the side of the road and will be given a verbal notice of intended prosecution by the police officer concerned. If however you were caught by a speed camera then you will receive a notice of intended prosecution (NIP) through the post.

How long till I get a Notice of Intended Prosecution?

The police have to write to the registered keeper of the vehicle within 14 days of the alleged speeding offence. If you have heard nothing in this time (with a few days leeway for postage) then you are in the clear.

Will I have to go to court?

If your speed was excessively over the speed limit, then you will receive a summons to attend the magistrates court. Most speeding offences however are dealt with by way of a fixed penalty notice. If you go to court then you may want to know in advance what your speeding fine will be. You can check whether you are likely to go to court here. See our speeding fine calculator for UK 2020.

What is the penalty for speeding in 2020?

A speeding fine issued under a fixed penalty notice is currently £100 with 3 points on your licence. However, for 2020 speeding fines in the UK where you have to go to court see our calculator below.


Speeding Fine Calculator


Speed Limit:
Actual speed in Mph:

To find out more about band A and band B fines click here

Speeding fine calculator table

Speed limit (mph) Recorded speed (mph)
20 41 and above 31-40 21-30
30 51 and above
41-50 31-40 
40 66 and above
56-65 41-55
50  76 and above
66-75 51-65
60 91 and above
81-90 61-80
70 101 and above
91-100 71-90
Sentencing range  band C fine
(150% of relevant weekly income)
band B fine
(100% of relevant weekly income)
band A fine
(50% of relevant weekly income)
 Points/disqualification Disqualification for 7-56 days OR
6 points on your licence
Disqualification for 7-28 days OR
4-6 points on your licence
3 points on your licence


For an easy to read version check our speeding points calculator.