Was I caught speeding?

People are concerned that they may have been caught speeding if :

i) they think they were flashed by a speed camera
ii) they just went passed a mobile speed trap and think they may have been going too fast.

Fixed speed cameras are broadly of two types – Gatso and Truvelo cameras which register your speed at a given point or Specs cameras which check your average speed over a given distance. Specs cameras are often used at long term road works and on major routes such as Motorways.


Cameras produce a flash and are generally fixed in a position so as to take a picture of the rear of the vehicle. If you have been flashed by a Gatso camera then you have probably been caught speeding and can expect a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) in the post within the next 14 days. Some Gatsos flash even though they have no film in them. As the picture is taken from the rear, the Gatso camera is generally not able to identify the driver of the vehicle

If the flash occurred from a Gatso camera which was facing you then it is likely that it was activated by a vehicle coming from the other direction.


Cameras use infra red technology and so don’t produce a flash in the same way. They generally take a picture of the front of the car and so may help identify who was driving. You may have passed through a Truvelo camera and may not know whether it has flashed. In which case you can only sit it out and wait to see if an NIP turns up in the post. Remember that the NIP goes to the registered keeper of the vehicle.


Cameras also do not flash, so again you will only know if you will be prosecuted if the registered keeper gets an NIP in 14 days.

So you probably need to sit tight to see if you get a Notice of Intended Prosecution.

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