Speed Camera Detectors

The Road Angel brand of detectors is among the most popular ones available in the market nowadays. They use the latest GPRS mobile technologies, remain connected all the time, and are thus able to download the latest positions and status of roads while you are driving. You can get standalone speed camera detectors or you can get satellite navigation systems, or you can buy devices which combine both functions in one model.

The Road Angel Professional Connected

has a built in SIM and even while you are driving, it keeps downloading the latest updates. Thus you do not have to deal with the hassle of extra wiring and dangling cables, and the position of the latest mobile vans can be transmitted to you easily and quickly.

The Road Angel Vantage

is the forerunner among speed management detectors. The user interface has now been improved, and it now has a much slimmer look than before. Along with camera locations it also tells you the speed limits of each area, since these tend to vary from region to region. It also permits you to share the latest speed camera and speed limit change locations with other users.

These devices are not meant only to avoid getting caught by the law, they are meant to help you control your own driving habits. When they warn you of speed cameras, they are also warning you of high risk areas, so that you can slow down and take greater care. Overspeed warnings, and continuous speed readings of the vehicles are part and parcel of their features, and it is up to you to take advantage of these and thus you do not endanger your life by reckless driving.

 Inforad Detectors

There are many models available under the Inforad brand name.  The Inforad V4e is a GPS Speed Camera Warning system. The Inforad K2 is a slightly more sophisticated Speed Camera Warning system. Both of them are fairly inexpensive, when compared to the other systems available in the market and they use the latest software from Pocket GPSworld.com so that they have the latest updated list of speed cameras in the UK.

These gadgets help you in many ways, Speed cameras are normally installed in high risk areas, where higher speeds can lead to fatal accidents. The GPS based systems warn you when you are about to enter these areas, thus motivating you to slow down and take greater care. They are not only deterrents against rash driving, but they also prevent you from collecting negative points and thus losing your license. Every year over 3 million drivers in the UK are fined for speed driving. Each fine adds three points into your license and a collection of 12 points means that you can lose your license. Thus by using the Inforad devices you are not only driving better, but you are also staying clear of the long arm of the law.

Snooper Detectors

Snooper’s range of speed camera detection units starts at around £69.95 and come in both portable and installed models. They are of various sizes and price ranges and their top of the line model is the Snooper 3Zero. This model covers radar detection, laser detection and database driven warnings. This is the first time that GPS based alerts have been incorporated into a speed radar detector system. This highly sophisticated and very sleek looking model will even tell you if the speed camera is “live “or not.

They have many other models also, to cater to different needs. The Snooper Tigre can be mounted either on the windscreen or on the dashboard, and it gives you both audio and visual warnings. The Snooper Sapphire has a full colour TFT LCD display for easy viewing, a built-in rechargeable battery, and a flip-up antenna, so that there are no trailing cables in the vehicle.

The Snooper MySpeed and MySpeed Aura cover all of Western Europe, and warn you of changes in speed limits across countries and highways. The MySpeed Aura model also warns you of speed traps and will also alert you when you go over the speed limit of that region.
The various models make it easy for you to choose the exact model which suits your requirements.